CPAC’S Members include Executive Officers, Committee Chairs, and General Membership

CPAC members are appointed by the San Francisco City & County Board of Supervisors and the Board of Education, in accordance with state and local law. A maximum of 25 members are appointed to the body. Membership is mandated to be comprised of 20% consumers of child care services, 20% child care providers, 20% public agency representatives, 20% community representatives and 20% discretionary members. Terms are for three years and members may be reappointed for one additional consecutive term.

CPAC Executive Officers

Yensing Sihapanya


Elizabeth Winograd

1st Vice Chair

Monique Guidry

2nd Vice Chair

Jessica Campos


Jon Skolnick


CPAC Members

Cheryl Horney

Ryan Hazelton

Heather Morado

Elizabeth Winograd

Jennifer Martinez

Katie DellaMaria

Yensing Sihapanya

Ben Wong

Raul Erazo-Chavez

Mona Malan

Owen Velez

Patricia Sullivan

Jessica Campos

Mina Kim

Sherrice Dorsey

Kerrie Perata

Jonathan Skolnick

Maria Durana

Monique Guidry

Savitha Moorthy

Rosario Villasana

Jerry Yang

Naeemah Charles

CPAC Staff

Melanie Hopson

CPAC Coordinator

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Become a Member

CPAC members are appointed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Board of Education. State law requires that CPAC membership includes equal representation from childcare consumers, childcare providers, public agency officials, community representatives, and discretionary representation. We would love to develop the greatest pool of possible member candidates. If you are interested in becoming a member of CPAC please click below to complete the application and send it to Melanie Hopson, CPAC Coordinator @


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