Why is early care and education so important?

Decades of research show that the environment of a child’s earliest years can have effects that last a lifetime. The importance of quality early child experiences and the impact in brain development is supported by numerous studies. Find out more

Where can I get help to find and pay for early care and education?

The Children’s Council of San Francisco and Wu Yee Children’s Services help families and guardians find early care and education services.  These community based organizations are funded by the California Department of Social Services and the San Francisco Office of Early Care & Education to ensure all families have access to free personal assistance locating and choosing early care and education in San Francisco. Find out more

How can I become a parent advocate for high-quality early care and education?

There are several options for parents to get involved both locally and at the state level to advocate for the resources and policies that make a positive impact on the early care and education system and the children and families that are served in San Francisco.  Find out more

Additional Parent Resources

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Citywide Initiatives & Resources

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State Budget & Policy Resources

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Curriculum Resources

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