CPAC's Membership

CPAC's Executive Committee is comprised of the Executive Officers and Committee Chairs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Click member's name to learn more info

CPAC Executive Officers

Monica Walters

Elaine Merriweather
1st Vice Chair

Matt Pemberton
2nd Vice Chair
Out of School Time (OST) Committee Chair

Gretchen Ames

Kelly Dotson

CPAC Committee Chairs

Bev Melugin Quality Chair

Graham Dobson Needs Assessment Chair

Sara Hicks-Kilday / Sandee Blechman Legislation & Public Policy Chair

Sara Hicks-Kilday / Gretchen Ames Workforce Chair

Matt Pemberton  Out of School Time (OST) Chair

CPAC Members

Candace Wong
Claudia Quinonez
E'leva Gibson
Fonda Davidson
Jane Evans
Karin Little
Laura Moye
Licette Montejano
Lisa Lee
Mario Paz
Nur Jehan Khalique
Sheila Norman
Sonia Valenzuela
Winnie Kong


CPAC Membership Details

Please click on membership details below to learn more about the Board of Supervisors & Board of Education appointees, categorical appointments, and member affiliations.

Membership Details

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